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Friends Only!

For now, my journal would 65 % Friends Only posts and 35 % Public posts. I'll be posting my manips and my other important stuff and graphis in Friends Only posts, so if you want to take a look of them, just FRIEND me
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It's been what?? Two years since I last posted here. No worries, I'm alive, but only in Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube. I'm planning on active again in here... Meaning that I'll icon again... :D
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just so you know....

I'm not dead...


I've been so busy with real life, and spending lot of time on Twitter and Youtube. Is it normal? :(
I barely have time for myself, let alone updating my LJ. I don't have time to make more icons, despite all those lovely pictures of lovely people I ship coming out now. I mean, KStew with her fine, fine ass and RPattz with his usual gorgeousness?? How can I resist it?

Well, work can.

Real life has been a hectic to me. At least at the job part. I've held lot of responsibilities despite my young age and barely-there experiences. I'm the youngest supervisor at my office and go to work even in the weekend. But the amazing thing is I still can spare time to make videos. LOL! I think vidding is more easy to upload than to make those icons and banners. I'm too lazy to post up those links. Not to mention when people always hotlinking my pictures. That sucks.

Anywayz, enough of my rant. Just want to tell you, that I'm still here.

I'm not going anywhere.

Lots of hugs and kisses,
- Diandra
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.................................................... *speechless*


And I owe an apology to delaneyg84. I've doubted you once, but now... since those deets you've said before HB outtakes come out, how you describe their photoshoot down to the tiniest details of their outfit, I fucking bow to you. I should never doubted you and I learn my lesson. Big props to you, hun... :D

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I update...

So you would know that I'm still alive. Been too busy with work, and hoping to manage some free time to do R/K stuff... mmm... probably some H/Hr and D/E stuff too. We'll see... :D