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30 August
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Welcome to Diandra's Journal

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The girl is Diandra.
INTERESTS iconing, making banners*posters, reading, writing
MUSIC the cardigans, club 8, the bird and the bee, adele, hello goodbye, justin timberlake, britney spears, christina aguilera, fergie, black eyed peas, timbaland, soundtrack music, henry mancini, marc shaiman, matt white, feist, esthero, amy winehouse, beyonce, corinne bailey rae, lily allen, colbie caillat, nerina pallot, john legend, john mayer, fiona apple, gym class heroes, fall out boy, imogen heap, kings of convenience, nelly furtado, rihanna, sean kingston
TV friends, bones, CSI : las vegas, miami, new york, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, supernatural
MOVIE harry potter, lord of the ring, you've got mail, atonement, becoming jane, transformer, pride & prejudice, jane eyre, emma, ballet shoes, my boy jack, december boys, sleepless in seattle, while you were sleeping, the notebook, a walk to remember
BOOK meg cabot's, jane austen's, philip pullman's, stephanie meyer's, jk.rowling's
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young ladies should take care of themselves. young ladies are delicate plants. they should take care of their health and their complexion ; Jane Austen

i'm a regular girl with regular life. nothing you will find interesting about it. maybe that's why this journal of mine is a graphics journal, instead of personal journal. i don't want to bother you with a trail of rant about my life.
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